Basejumps für TV,Film,Werbung

Basejumps and skydives for TV, film and commercials

Basejumps: Jumps of fixed objects, such as buildings, antennas, bridges, rock walls, cranes, etc. with heights from 50m to over 2000m. Various equipment and sports can be combined with the jumps. With tracksuits, wingsuits or swimwear.
Skydives: jumps from helicopters, airplanes, paragliders, balloons, etc.


Show jumps for your live event

Wingsuit show with / without smoke with target landing in front of your audience. Available as a solo action or as a team (2-4 jumpers). The athlete/s jumps out of a helicopter, balloon, etc. and then fly well visible, equipped with smoke cartridges, over the audience, open the parachutes and land safely on an agreed landing zone.


Paragliding courses and tandem flights

Beginner courses, pilot license courses, taster days and trial weekends (for groups and companies) – in cooperation with the flight school Salzburg (
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Stunts for TV, film, advertising and live events

Bodystunts (falls on mats / cardboards / air cushion, fire stunts, various accident situations, show fight, Airramp jumps) and car stunts (rollovers, drifts, crashes). The stunt elements are usually performed in cooperation with the stuntman and stunt coordinator Thomas Vogel (“Stuntvogel”).

Workshops / company incentives

Highfall workshops with jumps on mats and air cushions – for your event or incentive. This workshop is also expandable with further stations from the stunt and action area.

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